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Our Philosophy

8 Hands

On Food…

We feel strongly about the role that food should play in our society.   For us, food and the meals we share bring us together as families and as communities.  We look to produce high quality and nutritious food for our customers while also giving them an understanding of how it was grown, and how an animal was raised.

On Animals…

It is important to us that animals live in an environment that is natural to their species.  Animals should eat what their bodies were developed to process.  Sheep, as a ruminant, should eat grass and be able to graze freely on pasture.  Pigs should be able to root around to find other sources of protein and energy.  Chickens should be free to roam on pasture and scratch around to find bugs and other food.  Allowing our animals to exist in a way that nature intended is at the forefront of our farm operation.  We care deeply to provide this for all of our animals and feel that a happier animal results in healthier food.

On Life…

Through our farming venture, we aim to live life more simply, to cherish the moments we have, and enjoy them with people we care about.  We also want to work towards something we believe will make a difference for us, our family, and others. It has been very rewarding to work on something as real as farming and producing food.

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