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Butcher Shop

Our butcher shop offers fresh meats, charcuterie and other creations from the animals we raise responsibly on our farm. Our obsession with quality throughout all aspects of farming and butchery results in a truly special food experience. We only offer products that we would eat and feed our family and loved ones. New and seasonal creations are always being offered!

Pasture Raised Pork

Our heritage breed pigs are raised on pasture with access to organic feed, which provides them with an environment where they can thrive, resulting in meat that is extremely flavorful and nutritious.

Pasture Raised Chicken

Our chickens are raised at our farm from May through November (when the pasture is growing). We only raise the slow growing breed of chicken on pasture and organic feed.  Having full access to pasture and being raised outdoors provides a truly special culinary experience for our customers.

Grass-Fed Lamb

Our Icelandic/Heritage Breed sheep are 100% grass-fed using rotational grazing practices which enhances the gourmet quality and nutrition of the meat. All animals are processed in a USDA inspected, animal welfare certified processing facility.


We offer an extensive selection of charcuterie items made in-house and with our farm raised meats.

Special Items

Beyond charcuterie we offer fresh pasta, freshly baked sourdough bread and more!